Saturday, September 23, 2017

What's In Our Inbox? #102

With so many emails arriving in our inbox on a daily basis it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the great new music that is being sent to us. As much as we would love to give each artist/song their own individual feature, we simply do not have the time to do so. So in order to make things a little easier on ourselves and to help get more music out there to YOU, we've decided to start doing a new feature that we're calling What's In Our Inbox?, which we'll try to share at least once a week. Please listen to each song and if you like what you hear then be sure to give the artist(s) a thumbs up and/or a follow on Facebook/Twitter.

1. Axel Mansoor & Louis Vivet - "Hit Rewind"

2. CHRLES - "Is There Enough Love?"

3. Cosmos & Creature - "Ride The Wave"

4. courtship. - "Tell Me"

5. Demo Taped - "Insecure"

6. Donkeyboy - "Kaleidoscope"

7. FAUX - "Take Back Time"

8. Frills - "Magic Tide"

9. Joshua Moriarty (of Miami Horror) - "All I Want Is You"

10. The Keymakers - "Good for You"

11. KNGDAVD - "You Never Know"

12. Midnight Pool Party - "Signals"

13. Mo Brandis - "Undercover"

14. Refs - "Fool"

15. Shy Luv (feat. Bakar) - "Like A River"

16. Youngr - "What's Next"

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Music Friday #26 [Massive Playlist]

1. Asukal - "How It's Gonna B"

*Also check out Asukal's brand new single "Still Think Bout U" via Milk Media!

2. Butter - "Lifted"

3. Chappell Roan - "Die Young"

4. Chelsea Jade - "High Beam"

5. Daiza - "Here"

6. East of My Youth - "Broken Glass"

7. Eleanor - "Under My Skin"

8. Emma Jensen - "Make You Mine"

9. Farida (feat. Undr) - "New York"

10. Janelle Kroll (feat. Aalias) - "Blush"

11. Jasmine Sokko - "600D"

12. Kristin Kontrol - "Concrete Love"

13. Laoise - "Rich"

14. Loren North - "Bad Timing"

15. Luna Shadows - "Jesus Christ" (Brand New Cover)

16. Mades - "Long Road Home"

17. Marie Dahlstrom - "Anymore"

18. Marna - "Pure Gold"

19. Moxie Raia - "Wheels"

20. NÉONHÈART - "Prison Break"

21. Ofelia K - "Killing Me (Go Sun Come Moon)"

22. Olivia Holt - "Generous"

23. ROE - "Playground Fights"

24. Samsaya - "Naina Don't Lie"

25. SEYD - "Another World"

26. Taliwhoah - "Meds"

27. Tarantina - "1/9"

28. Teenage Love - "Sweaterface"

29. Von Grey - "Hearse"

30. XIII Foxx - "Low"

Jen Miller (feat. Eros) - Fine

Ohio-bred, Nashville-based singer/songwriter and producer Jen Miller (who's also the founder of Girl Gang Music, an online community and network of women and GNC folk within the music industry) has today unveiled her new single and video for "Fine", a jazz-influenced indie pop gem which features guest vocals from R&B singer Harold Kalibala, aka Eros and some fancy trumpet playing courtesy of Jonathan Easter. One again teaming up with longtime collaborator Jake Vicious, whose credits include Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Mannywellz, and Shy Glizzy, "Fine" is the sixth single Miller has independently released so far this year following "Hometown", "Fire", "One Ride", "My Type" and "Down". For the video, Jen and co. traveled to Death Valley in Eastern California during a long, hot summer weekend to shoot the video, directed by Megan St. John, the founder of Third Wheel Entertainment, a Chicago-based production company specializing in narrative video work.

Speaking on the track and video, Jen Miller explains:

"I wrote the record at my parents home and I remember sending it to Jake that evening. It was just a demo and that was nearly a year ago. Once we got Harold's verse, it felt so right! I knew we needed to get a group of our friends together to shoot a video. I had never produced a video but the one thing I knew was that I wanted a female director."

Listen and watch the video for "Fine" below.

"Fine" is available now on iTunes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sorcha Richardson - Waking Life

Following her previous single "4AM" released earlier this summer, Dublin-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson now returns with perhaps her most personal offering to date called "Waking Life", an atmospheric electronic pop song which wonderfully showcases both her lyrical and vocal prowess. Produced by Alex Casnoff, the wistful ballad is anchored on gleaming synths and a slow-rolling beat that casts the perfect shadow for Richardson's youthful musings on a love that's nearly lost, as she fires off her rallying cry on the impassioned hook: "Please don't waste your voice on us, if all you hear is white noise, if you all you hear is white noise."

"'Waking Life' is a song I started writing around my last birthday," Sorcha says. "There's something about birthdays that force you to pause and reflect on your life and take stock of where you're at. Sometimes that's a really fun and fulfilling thing to do but sometimes it can feel really shitty. I've spent a lot of my life saying to myself that 'by the time I'm X years old, I'll have overcome that fear, I'll have worked out all those issues, I'll have mended that relationship.' This song is about getting to a point in life and suddenly realizing that your reality falls way short of the dream you were holding onto in your head. It's about having no idea how to reconcile the discrepancies between the two, but also wondering how or why you thought it would be different.​​​​​​"

Listen to "Waking Life" below.

"Waking Life" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Clash.

Alex Sloane - Rich

Hailing fro Los Angeles, half Chinese / half French songstress Alex Sloane first came to our attention last year with the release of her debut EP, Dynasty, and again with her follow-up singles "Puppy Love" and "Dream Boy". Today, she returns with her delightful new pop ditty called "Rich", which once again sees her collaborating with prolific producer Sad Money, and also serves as another taste of her upcoming second EP, due out in October.

Speaking on the track, Alex says:

"I wrote 'Rich' to cheer myself up when I was feeling a bit sad and worthless. It was produced by Sad Money, who also worked on my previous releases 'Puppy Love' and 'Dream Boy'. The new single is part of an upcoming EP that's coming out in October - so keep an eye out!"

Listen to "Rich" below.

"Rich" is available now on iTunes.